WashingClothesK. Lang-Slattery is currently working on a memoir of her 1971/72 honeymoon journey in a Volkswagen Microbus. Her intimate story of this two year odyssey around four continents will reveal how travel can forge a lasting relationship and open up doors of discovery about oneself and the world.

Watch her blog for short excerpts and progress information.

Publication expected in Summer of 2018.


An excerpt from Chapter 5 - Bypassing the Darien Gap

          "Earlier in the day we had discovered a dirt road that led down to the bank of a wide shallow river where the water flowed over smooth rounded stones.  We had enjoyed a relaxing lunch there and it would be a perfect free camping site for the night. We arrived back at the river a few hours before sundown.  Several Indian women crouched in the water not far downstream, rubbing their laundry on stones and gossiping among themselves.  They looked up when we parked, but then returned to their work. 
         The eternal romantic, I decided I would do laundry too. There was always something to wash in the van— t-shirts, socks, underwear, jeans.  So I gathered a few things and a bar of soap and waded into the river.  I was so proud of myself, kneeling in the cold water, scrubbing socks and Tom’s Jockey briefs against the rocks.  But the river ran faster and stronger than I realized.  Before I knew it, the current stole a sock from my hand, then the underwear.  As I tripped among the stones, chasing the escaping underpants, the local women looked up, smiles stretched across their faces.  I caught the briefs myself (they moved more slowly) and retrieved the sock from the outstretched hand of one of the local washer women.   But I had done it!  I had washed clothes in a river."