Schedule of Upcoming Author Events

Listen to the Podcast of the March 31st, 2015, Morning show
Event:  The Morning Show on KX 93.5 FM with Tyler Russell


Listen to Podcast of September 26th, 2015,The Importance of Being
Event: The Importance of Being Show on KX 93.5 FM with Ernest Hackman…/tiob.interviewpodcasts/9.26.2015.0800



2017 EVENTS ______________________________________________________________________________________________


During the Winter and Spring of 2017, Kathryn Lang-Slattery presented talks at libraries, museums, senior residence communities, and Rotary clubs in Palm Springs and Orange County.   It was a full season. The summer will be devoted to speaking mainly in her local area of Laguna Beach and surroundings. During the Fall of 2017 she will be traveling in Europe and is booking no presentations.

She is currently taking bookings for November and December of 2017 and into the summer of 2018.  Please contact Lang-Slattery at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in booking a presentation. 


2018 EVENTS ______________________________________________________________________________________________

 May 3

Event: Author's Journey Discovering the Ritchie Boys of WWII
Time:  12:00 noon
What:  Presentation with Slides
Where: PEO (Philanthropic Education Organization)
Address: South Orange County



Kathryn Lang-Slattery is pleased to offer presentations to a variety of organizations, including Friends of the Library, regional libraries, VFW, American Legion, book groups, war and military museums, and professional organizations.

In addition to standard readings and book signing, the author will provide the following talks on request.

  • Discovering the Ritchie Boys of WWII
    An overview of Camp Ritchie and the Ritchie Boys, the contributions to the WWII effort made by these men, and profiles of a few of the men the author has interviewed or researched. Kathryn will provide a short list of notable Ritchie Boys.

  • Indie-Publication: Its Rewards and Frustrations
    A look at the author’s road to the self-publication of her novel with advice, cautions, and personal stories. The author will provide a list of contact information and recommended resources. 
  • More Than Simply “Based On:” The Evolution of Immigrant Soldier from Fact to Fiction
    A brief synopsis of the origins of Immigrant Soldier followed by how the author slowly moved the story from non-fiction to fiction and the difficulties encountered along the way. The author will include several comparisons between the primary resource material and the finished novel.

  • Writing Workshop: Turning a True Story into Fiction or Memoir. An expansion of the above presentation, this offering includes writing tips and material on plot development, use of dialogue, and finding your message.It concludes with interaction about story ideas the audience my want to share. Duration, including Q & A is closer to 90 minutes.

All talks can be scaled from 20 to 60 minutes according to your schedule. PowerPoint slide shows to accompany presentations are available for those with the proper equipment at their facilities. Q & A will follow. The author will provide books for sale and be available after Q & A to autograph them if attendees would like.  

Kathryn Lang-Slattery is also happy to talk with Book Goups, either in person or via Skype.

Fee: A negotiable honorarium for the prepared presentations helps the author cover travel expenses.  Honorarium is optional for "Meet the Author" talks for book stores and book groups.  

Contact information:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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